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Freshly roasted specialty coffee

100% traceable

No intermediaries

Shipping with DHL 60 SEK, free for purchases over 400 SEK

1-2 working days delivery time

10% discount on coffee purchases over 1000 kr

India robusta – organic green coffee (1 kg)

Origin: India
Region: Kerala (Idinjamala) in the south.
Bean variety: Robusta
Harvest time: December – March
Grown at: about 1200 m above sea level
Process: Wet method
Harvested: Freshest possible harvest

This coffee, classified as Parchment Kaapi Royale A, is undoubtedly one of the world’s most distinguished robustas and a must in a successful espresso blend. Organic robusta of the same high quality is also found in Uganda. This one is slightly softer in its appearance, but just as caffeinated.

In its pure, roasted form, it draws on tobacco, herbs and allspice. In a mixture with e.g. Indonesia and Brazil, you can give it as much leeway as you see fit – depending on how much pressure you want in the cup.

Our promise to you as a self-roaster is to always give you the best conditions: A hand-picked fresh green coffee.

We roast this green coffee ourselves and it is a permanent part of our range. It is always of the freshest possible harvest, although this is not stated here. If you want more specific information about when this coffee arrived at the roastery, please email us HERE.


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