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Freshly roasted specialty coffee

100% traceable

No intermediaries

Shipping with DHL 60 SEK, free for purchases over 400 SEK

1-2 working days delivery time

10% discount on coffee purchases over 1000 kr

Decaffeinated Peru – organic green coffee (1 kg)

Origin: Cajamarca, northern Peru
Producer: Café del Futuro
Growing altitude: 1700 m
Varieties: Mundo Novo, Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor (washed)
Decaf process: CO2 method
Harvested: Freshest possible harvest

The coffee for those who, for whatever reason, want to reduce or minimize their caffeine intake but still maximize taste and aroma. This decaf raw coffee is not only grown according to organic principles, it is also decaffeinated using the most natural and gentle process known to man, the CO2 method.

The patented CO2 method involves first soaking the green coffee before it is pressurized with liquid CO2. By circulating in the green coffee, CO2 extracts the caffeine from the beans. The process is repeated enough times until at least 95% of the caffeine has been removed. The water is then removed and the green coffee is dried back to its original liquid level.

Although the organic specialty coffee-grade green coffee, grown at high altitude and thus developed over a long period of time, gives us the very best conditions when roasting, you should be a little extra careful when roasting yourself. The green coffee has nevertheless undergone a process, a further step, before we roast it. This green coffee tastes best if roasted in the dark, but it’s a balancing act to do so and stop roasting in time. Otherwise, there is a risk that the oils will come out of the beans faster than you are used to. It is only at the moment of brewing, when the hot water hits the coffee, that we want the aromatic oils to be released.

Good luck to you!

Our promise to you as a self-roaster is to always give you the best conditions: A hand-picked fresh green coffee.

We roast this green coffee ourselves and it is a permanent part of our range. It is always of the freshest possible harvest, although this is not stated here. If you want more specific information about when this coffee arrived at the roastery, please email us HERE.


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