Freshly roasted specialty coffee | 100% traceable | No intermediaries | Shipping with DHL SEK 60, free when buying over SEK 400   | 1-2 working days delivery time | 10% discount on coffee purchases over SEK 1000 

Freshly roasted specialty coffee

100% traceable

No intermediaries

Shipping with DHL 60 SEK, free for purchases over 400 SEK

1-2 working days delivery time

10% discount on coffee purchases over 1000 kr

Italian Blend Espresso – organic dark roasted coffee beans

If you feel at home in the piazzas of southern Italy, where espresso kicks in like never before, and prefer your coffee with sugar or milk – look here, here’s your new friend!

The backbone and a major part of this organic blend is made up of a fine Indian robusta. Not only does this provide a magical crema, but a broad flavor and aroma palette of cocoa, tobacco, cedar, black pepper and green herbs. Ripe strawberries and a certain earthiness come from the semi-washed Indonesian arabica. Central American washed arabica marries the blend together.

This dark roasted blend with low acidity is suitable for those who own a real espresso machine or brew with an automatic machine. Especially if you choose the milk-based options from time to time and/or practice barista art.

Origin: India (organic robusta), Indonesia (organic arabica), Honduras and Peru (organic arabica)

Always freshly toasted. The coffee is never older than 7 days when it leaves our roastery!