Freshly roasted specialty coffee | 100% traceable | No intermediaries | Shipping with DHL SEK 60, free when buying over SEK 400   | 1-2 working days delivery time | 10% discount on coffee purchases over SEK 1000 

Freshly roasted specialty coffee

100% traceable

No intermediaries

Shipping with DHL 60 SEK, free for purchases over 400 SEK

1-2 working days delivery time

10% discount on coffee purchases over 1000 kr

We are the white elk

We are the white elk – a rare life form found up here in the north.
We live just outside Stockholm, in Tyresö at Kafferosteriet Koppar, to be exact.

Our coffee is carefully selected, drum-roasted and when we send it to your home it is always fresh for the best possible taste.

There are plenty of elk (or coffee roasters too for that matter!) who would say they do the same, so what is it that makes us stand out in the pack?

Yes, we skip all the middlemen and sell directly to you. So that you can enjoy freshly roasted specialty coffee at the best possible price!

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We sell our freshly roasted coffee in kg packages.


With DHL. Always freshly toasted.


ENJOY! Repeat.

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